ECOPRO’s Vision of Talent

Company Benefits

Recruitment Process

Company Benefits

ECOPRO BM provides competitive benefits for employees’ welfare, health and stability in life.

  • Financial support

    Special bonus (3 times a year)

    merit pay (technical post, maximum KRW 200,000 per month)

    performance pay (PS, PROFIT SHARING)

  • life stability support

    Company housing or settlement support payment

    support for various family events (including funeral supplies)

    progressive severance pay system

    school tuition support

  • other support

    In-house cafeteria (lunch/dinner)

    operation of employee association

    birthday gift cards for employees, rewards for long-term employees, rewards for excellent employees, etc.

    Operation of supplementary facilities (gym, billiard hall, table tennis room, etc.)

  • leisure activity support

    Annual paid leave

    operation of resort

    operation of/support for in-house clubs

    discount for affiliated companies’ employees

  • health improvement support

    Comprehensive medical checkup